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Our care

Our care regime is second to none. We want our guests to be comfortable and happy so their "creature comforts" are of paramount importance. A new litter tray is provided every morning and the floors are washed and vacuumed daily. Any needed medications are administered and the general well being of your Cat is closely monitored. In fact we keep an extensive record for each Cat we record their eating habits their weight, and their toilet habits. We make sure all guests are enjoying there holiday and continue to be pampered during their stay. Further peace of mind comes from the fact that the facilities are constantly monitored by closed circuit television cameras.

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Simplex Medication's Administered (Free of Charge)

You will need to bring your cat's medication (if any) You should leave a contact number either for you or a responsible friend or relative who can make decisions on your behalf should your cat become unwell. We have a highly experienced 24hr Vet on call but first we would contact your own Vet to be advised on the best course of action. Any cat found to have fleas, flea dirt or worms will be treated at owners expense.   Diabetic Cat's will cost a further $8.80 per Cat per day for their injections to be administered. 


All Cats must be vaccinated every year against cat flu and feline enteritis and on your Vet's recommendation, against feline leukaemia at least two weeks prior to boarding if not already vaccinated. F3 minimum vaccination is required although we do prefer f5 vaccinations. A current vaccination certificate must be presented to us before boarding or we can contact your Vet to obtain vaccination details.

Health Requirements

No cat suffering from, or suspected of suffering from any infectious disease can be accepted. All cats will be examined on arrival, and we reserve the right to refuse admission to any cat showing signs of ill health, pending advice from a veterinary surgeon. We do have an isolated medic areas specially designed for cats recovering from illness.


The ND Cattery tends to be fully booked during the holiday periods many weeks in advance. Christmas Bookings from the 23rd of December to the 1st  of January usually get fully booked months in advance to ensure your Cat receives the most suitable accommodation  please plan and book well in advance. Minimum stay for Christmas is 7 days, reservations required for this period will need to be secured by a $100 deposit which can be paid by Cheque, Visa, American Express, Dinners Club, full Eftpos facilities available Thank You!

our prices
Our Price

Our rates start from just $18.70 Per Calender Day all inclusive for the first cat & $29.70 twin share. We Offer a 20% discount for Seniors on a Pension Card non-working.