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Our Suites

are well designed giving cats plenty of space and a nice clean environment. We have eight cats of our own so we have designed an exciting & relaxing environment for them. Our guests have plenty of room making it very comfortable. Our suites have multi level shelving, windows to look out and in most cases have their own large individual court yards or exercise run. Even if your cat is housed in a suite that does not  have an individual court yard they will still receive outdoor exercise periods. If your cats are staying for a couple of days or several months they will receive the same 5 star treatment. Our aim is not only that the cats have a fantastic holiday with us but also when they return home they settle straight back in. We have trained animal carers that play, groom & check the cats overall well being all day long. Anyone who has had a pet stay with us can see in their own happy and contented pet that they have been cared for in a special way. We are always trying to improve the facilities and our clients enjoy coming through to view the improvements. Open for inspections 7 days a week after 10.30am.

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Family Units 1-4 Cats

Do you have a large family of cats well don't worry we have designed & built Large Family Units that offer plenty of space & comfort for your cat's to enjoy & relax in. The Family Units offer multi level shelving, windows to look out, sleeping courtiers, scratchy posts and a opening in their room that leads into a #private & secure Garden Area or if your family of cats are indoor cats only we can offer your cat's a very spacious Lounge Room Area that their private outside area adjoins too. The Lounge Room Area has many creature comforts, rocking chairs, 6ft fish tank, TV, DVD, Scratchy posts, Multi level walking platforms a great area your cats can enjoy & explore. During the day the lounge room area is where all the action is its also where the staff have there morning tea break and during there break your cats will be brought out to spend some time with the staff. A night time the TV & DVD in turned on which is normally playing Animal Planet and this plays throughout the night helping first time visitors to relax and settle in quickly. Creating a homely environment for your cat is very important in helping them adapt to there new environment. Nature tunes are playing all day long and your cat's will be totally relaxed!!!

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Luxton Suites 1-2 Cat’s

If your Cat expects nothing more than the very best in accommodation then look no further than the Luxton Suites. They have their own HD TV Playing Movies throughout the night, Drinking fountain, hooded litter tray, large comfortable mattress, Igloo’s, Multi Carpeted Levels, Tranquil Garden View Look Out, Extra Large individual courtyard attached. (Coming Soon in room CCTV Remote Viewing for client see what your Cat’s get up two on holiday at NDC 24hrs a day)

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Tropical Garden Suites 1-2 Cat's

If your cat loves the outdoors then your cat will love the Luxury of the Tropical Garden Area which offers the largest individual outside enclosure available at the NDcattery. The Tropical Garden Suites have multi level shelving a large trampoline bed to sleep & relax on. We have also installed glass panels so all cats can enjoy the view and a windows exit that leads to there individual outside area where we have installed large sneeze proof glass panels to avoid any contact with other guests. During the day your cat is Guaranteed time out in the Tropical Garden Area to enjoy exploring this tranquil environment. The Tropical Garden Area also has a waterfall the flows all day and all night long creating a relaxing mood your cat's will enjoy..

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Penthouse Suites 1-2 Cat's

The Penthouse Suites where all the action is and it's where your cats will receive plenty of extra attention. It's where all the NDcattery staff have there morning tea break & that's just one of the times during the day the guests are let out to enjoy the Large Play Area. The Large Play Area is completely adjacent to their outside area and has in close proximity a 6ft Fish Tank, Chairs, Stools, Tunnels, Large Designer Carpet, Totem Poll including TV & DVD to enjoy all night long. Inside their sleeping area has a nice comfortable trampoline bed, Multi Level Shelving & a Windows to look out. The Outside area which backs on to the Large Play Area also has Carpeted Multi Level shelving, sneeze proof glass barriers and a scratchy post & plenty of CAT toys.

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Standard Suites 1-2 Cat's

The Standard Suites are just as comfortable and practically the same size as the Penthouse Suites and the Tropical Garden Suites. The Standard Suites in most cases has a large inside and outside area attached that t back onto our beautiful garden & bird aviaries. All rooms have multi level sheaving, comfortable sleeping quarters a window to look out & plenty of space to enjoy. Your cat's will never be bored while holidaying at the NDcattery with plenty to see and do with caring & affectionate staff .

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Garden View Suites 1-2 Cat's

The newly renovated Garden View Suites offer a more tranquil and relaxing atmosphere located at the front of the NDcattery just near the front office. Lot's to see and do offering the largest individual outside area over looking the beautiful garden's & bird aviaries. This area also has a large private lounge area, TV & scratchy posts your cat's will feel right at home.. We also have a extra -large Corner Garden View Suite available for 1-4 cat's sharing.

our prices
Our Price

Our rates start from just $18.70 Per Calender Day all inclusive for the first cat & $29.70 twin share. We Offer a 20% discount for Seniors on a Pension Card non-working.