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Covid19 Update


Monday – Friday            9am – 5pm

Saturday  & Sunday    9am -11am


Monday – Friday        12 noon – 4.30pm

Saturday                             10.30am – 11am


Email Confirmation Issues Jul-Aug 2020

Please be aware that due to Telstra having technical issues with BIGPOND email account,

your booking or inquiry may not have been delivered to us as you thought,

As such, if you have not heard from us within the day or so, then please feel free to call us.


We apologise if this has happened to you, and want to let you know we are working with them

to resolve this ASAP


We are pleased to report that our new suites are coming along splendidly

Cattery Upgrades 2020

We are always looking for new ways to improve the cattery and currently we have many special upgrades under development.