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Feel free to call or email us for more information.

For the safety of all guests, we ask you to please remove all Cat collars before bringing your Cats in for their holiday, or we are more than happy to remove the Cat collars for you at check-in.

Due to high demand, Christmas bookings require a deposit payment of one weeks' fees at the time of booking with the balance to be paid by 1st of December. Refunds, 28 days written notice of cancellation has been given before being due to arrive, deposits or prepayments will be refunded.

A: An up-to-date Vaccination Certificate or we can contact your Vet to obtain vaccination records. If you feed your cat Prescription Wet food then the owner must supply it. Please remember to bring along any medication that your cat may require. It's always a good idea to bring along a piece of clothing such as a shirt or something that you sleep in which has your smell on it. This can be of great comfort to your cats and can help them settle in quickly when placed in their bed. Of course, you can always bring along their favorite toy and bed. We do however supply most things at the NDcattery for NO extra fee.

A: Of course, as long as we are properly informed in advance and all Simplex Medications are clearly labeled with written instruction. This service is completely FREE of Charge.

NO this is a completely FREE service allowing us to post video clips or photos of your Cat's ND Cattery holiday directly on NDC Facebook Page or through email... We can at times receive many requests at once for this service so please be patient we will endeavor to post ASAP. During peak times this can take up to 24-72 hours for a reply..... for urgent updates please call the office Mon-Sun.

Not Really... Cat's are resilient creatures and as long as they feel they are in a safe & relaxing environment with caring people around them they usually settle in very quickly. We have very high standards at the ND Cattery and have a routine that that cats get used to quickly.

The ND Cattery has two large EVAP Ducted Air-Conditioning systems keeping the NDcattery nicely chilled in summer. During Winter we have a Large Combustion Heater running 24/7 creating a lovely snug ambiance and in all the areas that we can close off, we have Oil Heaters placed we also have a Split System for those extra chilly nights!!!

Like valued guests. They're all VIPs when they're here. They get full attention, and there is someone on site pretty much 24 hours a day.

Cats are kept separate to avoid fighting and passing on disease. All cats however will get plenty of exercise.

The cats are well fed and happy. That is the secret! They are like guests in a hotel or spoilt just like at home!

We would contact your Vet first they have the history of your Cat if after hours we have a 24 hour Vet on call and we would not hesitate to use them where necessary.

If you need to drop off or collect your Cat's outside of normal business hours then we do ask that this be arranged well in advance. A staff Member will be asked to open up for you an out of hours service fee of $35 will apply . You can also organize a Delivery or Pickup from your home at a more suitable time.

All cats staying at the NDcattery must be Vaccinated every 12 months the minimum requirements f3 vaccination however we do prefer your Vet to administer an f5 vaccination. If your cats Vaccination has expired they must be vaccinated at least 1 - 2 week's prior to boarding. If for medical reasons your cat cannot be given a vaccination then we do have very comfortable isolation facilities separate from other guests..

A: You can drop your cats off Mon - Friday between the hours of 9am - 4.45pm and on Saturday from 9am - 11.45am and on Sunday 9am -10.45am...

A: Yes all guests get brushed, nails trimmed (if required) and a small amount of cat perfume is applied on top of their heads so they return home smelling beautiful . Please advise at check-in if you do not want any of above.

A: Just a very high standard of cleanliness and a very stringent cleaning regime that is adhered to 365 days of the year ... In fact every square inch of the NDcattery is cleaned to purrfection!!