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At the ND Cattery we always make sure that all guests return home happy, relaxed, healthy and better for the experience! We love nothing more than to hear that guests who have returned home have settled straight back-in and excited to tell their owners all about their holiday at NDC 😊 We have 35+ years of experience doing a job we feel truly passionate about and our standards are second to none. We believe we have established one of the best catteries in the World, however we never rest on our laurels, always striving to be better at what we do.

When your Cat first arrives we realize this can be a stressful time it’s often a completely new environment to adjust to and this is the reason NDC has been designed with all the creature comforts of home. We have TV’s playing throughout the night on low volume, tropical bird sounds for Cat’s to listen to during the day and don’t worry our 10 ND Cat’s are also hard at work making sure all guests remain totally chillaxed during their stay. It’s the finest Cat Hotel with top notch accommodation with  plenty to do and see. We have created a peaceful and harmonious environment that our guests love coming back to time and time again. Our Suites have inside and outside areas purpose built for the fussiest of guests, best of all we have extremely caring and dedicated staff who have been trained to closely monitor and report your Cat’s progress during it’s time at NDC.


If your missing your beloved Cat don’t fret we can update you while your away on holiday! Thanks to modern technology and Matt’s love of Cat’s and photography you can receive FREE  Facebook updates with photos or videos during your Cat’s time at NDC. Check out some of the great photos posted on Northern Districts Cattery Facebook page and the many lovely reviews we have thankfully received.       Northern Districts Cattery on facebook



At NDC we will first obtain from you or your Vet, Vaccination Dates, Vet Details, Your Contact Details, your Cat’s Eating Habits, Emergency Contact Number & any Medical Conditions your Cat may be suffering from. You’r very welcome to settle your Cat in but ONLY once the cleaning has been completed which is normally after 10.30am. Please be advised that during the peak holiday periods with so many check-ins and check-outs this isn’t always possible.

Once we have all the required details from you we can then perform a full inspection of your Cat checking for any fleas or open wounds. We then record your Cat’s in – weight which is then kept on file. Once the weight has been recorded we will immediately settle your Cat into a room, topping up their biscuits & water and providing a yummy meal 😊