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  • By: Xponential Sysadmin
  • 23/01/2020

Do you have a large family of Cat’s?  Well don’t worry, we have designed & built Large Family Units that offer plenty of space & comfort for your Cat’s vacation. The Family Units have drinking fountains, multi level shelving, windows to look out, large egg shaped Igloo sleeping courtiers, scratchy posts and an opening to their own private & secure courtyard that looks into the garden area. If your family of cat’s are indoor cats only we can offer your cat’s a very spacious Lounge Room Area that their private outside area adjoins too. The Lounge Room Area has many creature comforts, rocking chairs, 6ft fish tank, TV, DVD, Scratchy posts, Multi level walking platforms, this is a great area your Cats can enjoy & explore. During the day this is where the ND Crew often have their lunch break so your family of  Cat’s will receive even more attention from the staff during their stay. At night  the TV & DVD in turned on which is normally playing Animal Planet and this plays throughout the night at low volume helping first time visitors stay relaxed. Creating a homely environment for your cat is very important in helping them adapt to their new environment quickly. We also have nature tunes playing throughout the cattery all day long and this is guaranteed to keep your beloved feline totally chillaxed!!!